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15th February 2021

We’ve donated 1.4 million meals through #NourishEveryDog

In 2019, we launched our #NourishEveryDog campaign with the target of donating 1 million meals to dogs in need. Thanks to all your support, we’ve now donated an incredible 1.4 million meals to over 200 UK animal charities.
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22nd January 2021

Our Sustainability Pledge

Here at Butcher’s we’ve been making nutritious and delicious recipes for dogs for over 30 years now. But as part of our commitment to keeping dogs as happy and healthy as possible, we also have to take responsibility for the impact our packaging can have on the environment.
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15th January 2021

Tail-wagging ways to make 2021 pawsome

This year has taken some strange twists and turns. As a result, we’ve spent more time than ever at home in uncertainty, but of one thing we can be sure; our dogs have been faithfully by our sides, always there for a cuddle when we’ve needed them most.
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30th December 2020

2020 Has Been Our Year of The Dog

This year has taken some strange twists and turns. As a result, we’ve spent more time than ever at home in uncertainty, but of one thing we can be sure; our dogs have been faithfully by our sides, always there for a cuddle when we’ve needed them most.
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9th December 2020

Butcher’s Dog-Friendly Festive Guide

'Tis the season for festive fun, so our Christmas tree is up and decorated, and whilst we’re busy getting in the Christmas spirit, it’s important to keep an eye out for any festive risks for our four-legged friends.
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5th November 2020

A Calm and Happy Bonfire Night with Lucy Proctor

Bonfire Night can be a scary time for your dog – but it doesn’t have to be. If you start early, you can ease your dog into a calm and relaxed state, ready for when the bangs start going off.
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1st November 2020


This Halloween week we’ve been celebrating our four-legged friends’ terrifyingly clever tricks to mark the launch of our new naturally meaty  Treats. We’ve been amazed by their talents and wanted to share some of the best with you.
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24th October 2020

A Dog-Walker’s Guide to Autumn

The leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping and the nights are drawing in. It can only mean one thing; autumn is upon us. Stay one step ahead by making a few simple adjustments to your dog’s routine, and watch them transition safely into the new season with ease.
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23rd September 2020

Time for a treat (or two)

At Butcher’s, we are committed to nourishing all dogs with our tasty recipes, and that is why we started our #NourishEveryDog mission. One of the charities that we have been able to support is ALFS, the Animal Larder and Food Shelter (ALFS), based in Hertford.
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9th September 2020

Introducing our panel of four-legged Superfans!

Our Superfan panel is made up of a mixture of personalities, breeds, ages and dietary needs but there’s one thing that they all have in common and that’s their love of Butcher’s!
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15th August 2020

Spotlight on Animal Larder and Food Shelter

At Butcher’s, we are committed to nourishing all dogs with our tasty recipes, and that is why we started our #NourishEveryDog mission. One of the charities that we have been able to support is ALFS, the Animal Larder and Food Shelter (ALFS), based in Hertford.
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8th July 2020

Sea, sand and a waggy tail

Finding a quiet, sandy beach can be the perfect day out for all the family, including your furry friend. There is plenty of space to chase a frisbee or go for a doggy paddle, so your dog is bound to have plenty of fun!  
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23rd June 2020

1,000,000 meals donated through #NourishEveryDog

Last year at Butcher’s we began our mission to nourish all dogs in need. This year with all your help, we have reached our pawsome goal of donating 1,000,000 meals to over 100 charities nationwide! A big paws up to you!
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21st June 2020

Meet the Nation’s Lockdown Dog Heroes!

The Daily Mirror and its regional newspapers launched a pawsome competition at the start of June to find the Nation’s lockdown dog hero and celebrate our furry friends who have kept us company during the lockdown period. Meet the regional winners who are hoping to claim the spot as top dog and our lockdown hero!
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4th June 2020

Home alone – dog edition!

Lots of our furry friends have been the biggest winners by having their favourite humans at home with them during this difficult time. So, when it’s time for us to leave the house more, we need to get them ready for spending more time by themselves.
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22nd May 2020

Get those tails wagging with a new purpose

Our furry friends always seem to be happy, bounding abound and causing mischief. But did you know our dogs are happiest when they have a purpose? Many breeds of dogs were originally used to work, including hunting, protecting us and herding animals – some still have these jobs!
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7th May 2020

More time to love

Many dogs are loving having their families at home more, making the most of the extra cuddles and tummy tickles! For over 14,000 years dogs and humans have been the best of friends, so we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to build an extra special bond with your dog.
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4th May 2020

Fun in the sun

As the sun is shining more and the weather is starting to get warmer, we all love to spend a bit more time outside soaking up the rays, our dogs included! When temperatures hit 20 degrees and above that’s when to start adjusting your and your furry friends routine.
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1st May 2020

Jump into action! 

Lockdown: one thing is for sure. Our dogs are happy that we are at home so much. With more time spent at home, for many with competing priorities like work and family, keeping our dogs happy, healthy and entertained requires a bit more creativity during lockdown.
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29th April 2020

Take your new homemade toy for a spin

Here at Butcher’s, we’ve been busy with our Superfans creating more fun ways to keep your dog happy and entertained. We’ve come up with another toy for you have a go at!
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17th April 2020

Puppy love: part 2

The second of our puppy training posts, discover three more tips to make the most of time staying at home with your newest addition
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17th April 2020

Puppy love: part 1

Why staying at home is the ideal time to puppy train… make the most of this pause in our usually busy lives to give your four-legged friend the best start in dog life
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9th April 2020

Garden games for you and your dog

Now it seems that the glorious spring weather has arrived, it’s time to get out and about in your garden. Keeping your four-legged friend entertained when you may not always be able to leave the house, is very important! Here are some of our top games to play in the garden to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.
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9th April 2020

Keep your dog entertained indoors

At the current time, it is important we keep ourselves and our pets safe and that means spending more time at home. Here at Butcher’s, we’re sharing some of our favourite games to play inside with our dogs. Now more than ever it’s important to make sure our four-legged friends are entertained and exercised to keep their joints and brain healthy!
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6th April 2020

Treat your dog to our homemade toy!

Our Superfans Naomi and Dottie had a go at making this pawsome toy for Dottie to play with. Do you fancy having a go? It is super easy, but it makes for a super fun toy for your furry friend!
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2nd April 2020

Teach an old (or young!) dog new tricks

Whilst at home with your dog now could be the perfect time to teach your furry friend some new tricks. Keep your dog entertained with learning new tricks to impress your family and friends, whilst keeping your dog stimulated.
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1st April 2020


If you’re working from home, you might be feeling a little cabin fever creeping in… Here’s how to get more out of home working by making the most out of working with your dog(s)!
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26th February 2020

Giving your puppy the best start in life

Bringing a puppy home to be part of the family is an exciting time for all the family. Give your puppy the best start in life by getting it right in the early stages, this will help set your pup up for a happy and healthy life.
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20th January 2020

Dog-Friendly Walks to get your Tails Wagging

Whether you're looking for a walk close to home or you're ready for a new adventure, we're sure to have a walk or two that will get your tail wagging...
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11th December 2019

12 Dogs of Christmas

All dogs deserve to be nourished with love and a healthy, delicious diet. It's one of the reasons we're so passionate about giving back to dog charities across the UK via our #NourishEveryDog campaign, which we are elevating for Christmas with the 12 Dogs of Christmas. 
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20th November 2019

Every Dog Deserves Love

He was a gloriously shaggy heartbreaker, who everyone fell in love with on sight. So why was Max, a ‘Heinz 57’ cross-breed, so difficult to rehome?
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28th October 2019

Why Dogs Need Natural Nutrition

We all know that a well-fed, well-exercised, well-loved dog will be happy and healthy. But while it’s easy to ensure your best friend is getting enough walks and cuddles, it’s more difficult to tell if you’re feeding them correctly.
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19th October 2019

There’s a good dog!

Does your dog bark too much or chew everything in sight? You’re not alone. Here, top behaviourists give their solutions to common canine problems.
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10th October 2019

Paws For Thought: How Dogs Improve Our Mental Health

We know that dogs have been man's best friend for centuries, enhancing our lives and lifting our spirits, but there is also a wealth of scientific evidence to prove how dogs improve our mental health.
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30th September 2019

WIN Tickets to the National Pet Show

To celebrate a fantastic year meeting you all, we’re giving away 50 free pairs of tickets* to meet us and get your paws on our limited edition show tins.
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29th August 2019

Help your dog live happily & healthily into old age 

Our four-legged friends are part of the family, so it can be challenging to see the effects that old age can bring; slowing their once spritely souls and evolving their everyday needs. But it doesn't have to be a cause for concern.
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12th July 2019

Introducing your dog to your new baby

Expecting a baby is a very exciting time, but can be daunting if it’s your first too. Your dog will be picking up on all the emotions that are whirling around, and it’s important to make sure everybody is prepared.
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4th July 2019

What to do when you have to go away without your dog

There are times in life where we simply cannot be with our dogs, be it for a day or two or a holiday, so finding the right person to look after your furkid is very important.
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24th June 2019

Moving home with your dog

Let’s face it, moving home is up there as one of the top three most stressful things to go through, so while you’re doing your best to keep your stress levels down for your own health, here are some ways to help your dog too from Dog Listener Lucy Proctor.
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20th May 2019

Fun Games for You and Your Dog

Playing with your dog is not only fun, but it gives them all-important mental stimulation to keep their brain sharp, reduce stress and develop a playful and loving personality. Lucy Proctor has given us her top tips and favourite games to play with your dog.
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1st May 2019

Help Us #NourishEveryDog on Twitter

At Butcher’s, we believe every dog deserves to be happy, healthy and nourished. To celebrate our the launch of our new TV advert, we’ve started a campaign to make sure as many dogs as possible get access to the nourishment they need.
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18th April 2019

Foods Your Dog Should Avoid This Easter – And All Year

We all know that with Easter comes chocolate, cakes, roast dinners and lots of deliciousness...but that’s not the case for our dogs, unfortunately. There are certain foods that are not only unhealthy for our dogs, but are dangerous to them.
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29th March 2019

Tail of the Month with Jade and Gizmo

For this Tail of the Month, we asked you to tell us about the most heroic thing your dog has ever done. We loved Jade's story of Gizmo and the amazing things he's done for charity.
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5th March 2019

Our Favourite Dog-Friendly Holidays

Don’t forget your dog needs a holiday too! We’ve put together a list of our favourite dog-friendly places to stay in the UK with, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.
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28th February 2019

Tail of the Month with Maz and Elsa

For this Tail of the Month, we asked you to share your stories about your rescue dogs. We loved Maz's story of her rescue dog Elsa, and how giving her a second chance at life changed her life too.
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4th February 2019

7 Top Tips to Make Winter Walkies Fun and Free From Harm

Dogs often love to play in the snow, and there’s nothing that’ll get in the way of their beloved walkies – but as the weather gets colder, it’s important to make sure your dog is safe and happy on those winter walks.
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4th February 2019

Tail Of The Month: Jodie and Roxy

This month, we asked you to tell us about all the ways your dog loves to keep fit and active – we loved hearing about Roxy's boundless energy from her devoted owner Jodie:
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10th January 2019

Four Fun Ways To Get Fit With Your Dog

Regular exercise is a great way to keep you and your dog fit and healthy – but what do you do when the daily walk around the park just isn’t enough? There are lots of fun and energising ways to get your heart racing and their tail wagging...
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4th January 2019

Tail Of The Month: Julie and Elgin

For this month's Tail of the Month, we asked you to tell us about your favourite Christmas memory with your dog. We were moved by Julie Barrett's lovely story about her first Christmas with her assistance dog Elgin:
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14th December 2018

Butcher’s Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Our dogs give us so much love, it’s hard to think of a way we can show them how much they really mean to us too. But we’re here to help – this Christmas, we’ve put together a list of our favourite festive treats that we think your dog will adore.
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30th November 2018

We’re supporting StreetVet this Christmas

‘Tis the season for giving, and the Butcher’s team have chosen a very special cause to support this Christmas. StreetVet is changing the future for homeless dogs who may otherwise have to go without the care they need and deserve.
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29th November 2018

How to keep your dog active into their senior years

There are a handful of record-breaking dogs in this world that are living well beyond expectations– and we all want to know how to spend the most time possible with our beloved companions.
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6th November 2018

Make a Pawsome Choice to WIN £50 Butcher’s Vouchers

We've been making some pawsome changes to our packaging here at Butcher's, and to celebrate our new biodegradable, recyclable can multipacks, we're giving you the chance to WIN £50 in Butcher's vouchers!
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31st October 2018

Tail Of The Month: Katie and Bailey

For this month's Tail of the Month, we asked you to tell us about the special relationship between your children and your dogs. We adored this heart-warming story of Emma-Jayne Morris's two little cuties, Katie and Bailey.
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2nd October 2018

Try Tripe this World Tripe Day

24th October is World Tripe Day, and we’re spreading the word about all the naturally nutritious benefits of feeding your dog Butcher’s Tripe. But you don’t need to let your dog in on the secret – dogs have been loving tripe for centuries!
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30th September 2018

Tail of the Month: Christina, Tyson and Storm

For this month's Tail of the Month, we asked you to tell us about your dog's favourite toy. We had tears in our eyes reading about Christina Wadeley's lovely dogs Storm and Tyson, and the tiger toy they shared a love for.
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27th September 2018

Getting Another Dog? Calm the Chaos with Lucy Proctor

When you have more than one dog to feed, meal times can often be seen as the most hectic time of the day – but Dog Listener Lucy Proctor has let us in on a simple trick to keep your cool, and actually use this time to your advantage.
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31st August 2018

Tail of the Month – Katie and Tye

For this month's Tail of the Month, we asked you to tell us about the happiest moment you've shared with your dog. We absolutely loved Katie Elizabeth Toms' story about Tye making her special day even more special.
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30th August 2018

The “Alpha Theory” Debate with Lucy Proctor

There’s a lot of information flying around about the "Alpha Theory". We’ve teamed up with Dog Behaviourist Lucy Proctor to give you a simple overview on what it actually means today.
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3rd August 2018

Reading your dog’s body language with Lucy Proctor

Dogs read other dogs' body language all the time; it’s programmed into their DNA. As soon as a dog spots another, they’re sussing each other out to find out more about them, just like we do as humans.
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2nd August 2018

Introducing Dog Listener Lucy Proctor

We know that tasty and nutritious food is only a part of what keeps your dog happy and healthy. So, we have teamed up with dog behaviourist Lucy Proctor to give you practical tips and tricks that will make sure your dog has the best life possible.
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31st July 2018

Tail of the Month – Lesley-Ann and Harris

For this month's Tail of the Month, we asked you to tell us about the biggest adventure you've been on with your dog. We were blown away by Lesley-Ann's story of her incredible dog Harris.
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19th July 2018

We’re taking the lead with plastic-free packaging!

We’ve been making some big changes and learnt a few new tricks along the way. Earlier in the year, we launched our fresh new look to celebrate all the wonderfully natural goodness that goes into our food for dogs.
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29th June 2018

The heat is on!

This summer is set to be a scorcher, and while that may be great for topping up our tans, with the hot days and sunshine comes a responsibility. Just as we should apply sun cream, there are some do's and don’ts to consider when it comes to our dogs.
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8th June 2018

Tail of the Month – Linds and Lily

This month, we asked Butcher’s fans to tell us the naughtiest thing their dog has ever done. We had lots of hilarious entries, but this one from Linds Daly and her dog Lily was our favourite...
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30th May 2018

Find your perfect match this puppy season

With litters cropping up here, there and everywhere, it’s tempting to think about buying a puppy for yourself. But there’s more to finding your perfect match than just good looks. Here are a few things to think about…
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14th May 2018

Sniffing out the best food for your dog? Give tripe a try!

As pet-owners, we do absolutely everything we can to show our dogs just how much we love them. But when it comes to feeding time, how do you know what food is best for your dog?
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11th May 2018

Have you got your FREE can lid?

Want to keep your dog’s favourite Butcher’s meals fresh and tasty for longer? We’re giving away a FREE reusable can lid with every Butcher’s purchase! All you have to do to claim yours is keep your receipt handy, and follow the link to fill in your details.
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8th May 2018

Spotted our new look? We’ve learnt a few new tricks!

As you might have noticed, things are looking a bit different here at Butcher’s HQ. We’ve got a fresh new look, and we’ve put it all over our foil trays, cans and…everywhere else!
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4th May 2018

Meeting a rather prickly customer with Jen’s Hedgehog Rescue

Earlier this month, we met up with Jen’s Hedgehog Rescue to learn all about how they help endangered hedgehogs, and to donate a car-load of Butcher’s food.
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29th April 2018

Tail of the Month – Tracey and Scout

This month, we asked Butcher’s fans to send in their stories about when they first laid eyes on their dog. The winning story comes from Tracey Ison, who told us her touching tale about meeting her whippet cross, Scout, for the very first time.
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