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29th April 2020

Take your new homemade toy for a spin

Here at Butcher’s, we’ve been busy with our Superfans creating more fun ways to keep your dog happy and entertained.

We’ve come up with another toy for you have a go at! (If you missed our last one, make sure to give it a go!) For this ‘Chase Me Stick’, all you’ll need is a long stick, some rope or twine and a toy or old item of clothing. This is really easy to make but will give your dog hours of fun, just like our Superfans Rosie and Charlotte.

Follow our easy step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Get everything you need to create your toy; a long stick, long rope/twine and a toy. Tie one end of the rope to your stick.

Step 2

Get the toy that you’ll tie to the other end of your rope. It could be your four-legged friend’s favourite teddy, tug rope or simply an old item of clothing  if you don’t have anything else. Fasten this onto the other end of the rope. Rosie and Charlotte are using a much-loved duck toy!

Step 3

Now you have your long stick with the rope and toy fastened, you are ready for the most important step. Play time! Stay in the middle of a large space and use the long stick to drag the toy, encouraging your dog to chase it. Race round in a circle or bound about in the garden, this toy is sure to keep your dog entertained as well as getting them moving.

Keep checking our social media for more fun ideas on how to keep your dog happy. We’d love to see you giving our toy idea a go, make sure to tag us in any of your photos on social media!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be careful that your dog does not chew or ingest the stick


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