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19th July 2018

We’re taking the lead with plastic-free packaging!

Here at Butcher’s, we’ve been making some big changes and learnt a few new tricks along the way. Earlier in the year, we launched our fresh new look to celebrate all the wonderfully natural goodness that goes into our food for dogs. But we didn’t stop there. Butcher’s tastes good, and looks good – now we want to do good. Not just for our dogs, but for our planet too.

Exclusively to Pets At Home, we’ve ditched the shrink-wrap plastic on our cans in favour of biodegradable cardboard boxes, plus all our cans and foil trays are made of 100% recyclable metal. The only tiny bit of our packaging that isn’t yet recyclable is the pull-tab on our 400g trays – and trust us, we’re working on it. Putting an end to our plastic packaging has saved Pets at Home 6.86 tonnes of plastic a year –  that’s equivalent to 1.7m plastic bags!

By moving to cardboard packaging, we’re using a resource that is not only biodegradable but made from renewable materials that are more energy-efficient to work with. This is good news for us, our pets, and our wildlife as a whole.

Of course, the work that led to our recyclable packaging is only part of the solution. We can all work towards fixing this by choosing products with sustainable packaging, and recycling when we can.

To get your paws on our brand new recyclable packaging (and the delicious food inside it!), head to your nearest Pets at Home or find it online here.


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