• Why would I feed my dog grain-free food instead of wholegrain?

    The choice is entirely yours! If your dog has an allergy to grain, we’d recommend our grain-free range, but there are benefits to a wholegrain diet – wholegrain is a slow-release energy source and is gentle on tummies.

  • Why would I feed my dog wet food?

    A dog’s digestive system is built for meat – it’s what they naturally thrive on. Meat provides all the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat a healthy dog needs, as well as water, which is good for hydration. It’s packed full of the goodness which keeps coats healthy, eyes bright and boundless energy.

  • Wet food can be more expensive than dry food

    Meat is the food dogs like best, and which is most nutritious for them. As we all know, it’s also usually the most expensive part of any meal and for dogs it’s no different – we think it’s worth it, though, to give your dog the diet they need to stay fit and healthy. A lot of people feed their dog a mix of wet and dry food, so the tastiness of meat can be easily added to a dry meal.

  • When feeding my dog wet food only, what can I do for their teeth?

    Our food is classed as a complete food because it includes all the vitamins and minerals for a happy, healthy dog – including teeth! That means there’s no need to give your dog anything extra for their teeth unless you really want to.

  • What’s the difference between the new Butcher’s range and the old?

    We’ve worked hard to keep the same great recipes in our most popular ranges – it’s the same delicious dog food with a brand new look. Where we’ve changed our recipes, we’ve tried to make them a touch more natural and more inviting for dogs.

  • If your recipes are 55% meat, what else is in them?

    Since our products have a high meat content, they contain a lot of water too – all meat is naturally made up mostly of water! It makes it more succulent, juicy and naturally appetising, and it’s a good source of hydration for dogs. Our recipes are also packed full of extra vitamins, minerals and nutritious jelly or gravy. We add water in the form of jelly to protect the meat in the cooking process.

  • What’s fresh in your recipes?

    We use fresh meat and vegetables as much as possible. Using fresh ingredients means we can control what goes into our food – if the ingredients don’t meet our high standards, we don’t use them. We receive up to 8 lorry loads of fresh ingredients every day from local producers, many from just half an hour away, so they really are fresh!

  • What ingredients do you use in your recipes?

    The meat we use in our recipes is especially nutritious. It’s mostly offal – organ meats that are especially tasty for dogs, packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. All our ingredients are naturally tasty, so our products don’t need any artificial flavours, and we use fresh ingredients as much as possible. We always keep control over what goes into our food – if the ingredients don’t meet our high standards, we don’t use them.

  • Is the meat in your recipes traceable?

    We can trace all our ingredients back to their source.

  • Where is your food made?

    All our food is made in our own factory in Crick, Northamptonshire, right in the heart of England – and has been for thirty years. We buy ingredients from local suppliers as much as we can.

  • Where do you buy your ingredients from?

    Many of our suppliers are local, family-run businesses who we’ve worked with for in some cases over 15 years and we keep a close eye on what goes into our recipes – if the ingredients don’t meet our high standards, we don’t use them.

  • How are your recipes cooked?

    All of our can and trays are individually sealed and gently steam-cooked in their own airtight packaging.

  • Do your recipes contain salt?

    The vast majority of our recipes have no added salt – the salt they contain is all naturally occurring.

  • Do your products contain soy or wheat gluten?

    All our products are free of soy and wheat gluten.

  • Do you use farmed animals to make your food for dogs?

    We believe there’s nothing better for your dog than nature’s most nourishing food. That’s why we source our ingredients from British and Irish farmers, and prepare our meals right here in the heart of England with natural ingredients from suppliers we know and trust.

  • What is crude fibre?

    Crude fibre doesn’t sound too nice, but it’s just a technical term for exactly the same type of fibre you’d find in breakfast cereals or vegetables.

  • What is crude ash?

    We don’t put any ash in your dog’s food! Crude ash is just a technical term for all the goodness from minerals and bone content, so it’s part of what makes our recipes so nutritious. On average, Butcher’s products contain 2-4% crude ash, which is typical for all wet dog food.

  • Do you have qualified butchers and nutritionists working at Butcher’s?

    Funnily enough, our founder Graham Baker isn’t a baker at all. He studied hard, qualified as a butcher, and recently won an industry award. We’re also supported by a wealth of knowledge from other long-standing qualified butchers and nutritionists within our business – some of them have been with us for over 30 years.

  • My local supermarket doesn’t stock your recipes any more – why?

    We supply all major supermarkets with many of our recipes, as well as lots of independent supermarkets and pet food stores. However, it’s ultimately up to them to decide how many stores to stock them in.

  • What is L-carnitine?

    L-carnitine is really important to keep your dog bouncing and lively. It makes sure that fatty acids are transported to cells, so they can be burned to produce energy.

  • Where can I get specific allergen advice?

    If you need specific allergen advice, please get in touch with our consumer team, consumerservice@butcherspetcare.com

    We always aim to respond within 48 hours, but please allow us up to five working days.

  • Can I freeze your food for dogs?

    Yes, but please make sure that it’s thawed out and back at room temperature before feeding it to your pet.

  • Can I recycle your packaging?

    All the foil in our packaging is 100% recyclable, as are our 400g trays. We’ve also been listening to our customers’ environmental concerns, and so are currently working to make our cans 100% recyclable too. For more information on how best to recycle our products, please visit www.recyclenow.com.

  • Where can I buy your new products?

    You can buy our new 150g foil trays at most good major retailers. Our 400g trays are available in Tesco and Morrisons. Our cans will be available soon. In the meantime, please have a look at our where to buy page for specific information on where to buy our products.

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