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14th May 2018

Sniffing out the best food for your dog? Give tripe a try!

As pet-owners, we do absolutely everything we can to show our dogs just how much we love them. We walk them, groom them, and put up with even their worst of habits! But when it comes to feeding time, how do you know what food is best for your dog?

In the wild, dogs would have hunted for their food, and gobbled up the most nutritious parts of the animal first before anybody else could get their paws on it. That would be parts like tripe and other nutrient-rich parts of the animal – such as kidney & liver. Some people call these variety meats; some call it offal. Not so long ago, tripe and offal were part of our staple diet, but things have changed. Nowadays, we’re more likely to prefer a fillet steak on the menu!

Tripe and offal may not sound very appealing to us, but they’re packed with nutrients like protein, calcium, all-important vitamins, and essential omega oils. We only use natural green tripe, never bleached – that’s green from all the grass the cows have been eating!

So, how can you get more tripe and offal into your dog’s diet? Butcher’s food for dogs is specially created by our dog nutrition experts to include the tasty ingredients your dog would naturally choose in the wild, like offal and green tripe, in a range of different recipes. You can trust that we know more than a thing or two about meat here at Butcher’s – it’s in our name for a reason.

If you’re thinking of switching to Butcher’s food for dogs, don’t forget to introduce any new food gradually. Start with 25% new food and 75% old food in their bowl, then slowly increase the amount of new food over about four days. Happy dog, happy owner!







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