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29th April 2018

Tail of the Month – Tracey and Scout

We absolutely love to see all your photos and stories – and we love to share them too. Tail of the Month is your chance to tell us a tale about your four-legged friends, for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, newsletter and blog!

This month, we asked Butcher’s fans to send in their stories about when they first laid eyes on their dog. The winning story comes from Tracey Ison, who told us her touching tale about meeting her whippet cross, Scout, for the very first time:

“From the instant that we heard that a little blind whippet cross puppy had arrived at our local rescue centre something told me he needed us. Scout didn’t so much jump into my arms when we first met, he crash landed. We were not looking for another dog at the time but from day one we were smitten. Our amazing boy astounded us with his ability to cope with his lack of vision (we found out early on that he is completely blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other). Scout’s enthusiasm and zest for life melts the hearts of everyone he meets.”

Thank you for all of your heart-warming entries – keep your ears pricked for next month’s Tail of the Month theme!




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